And in Recent Headlines…

srsly, wtfA couple in Mali were publicly stoned to death for allegedly having children out of wedlock; according to the couple, these children did not even belong to them. Ready to be shocked and dismayed? Read more in the New York Times article.

In Kuwait, a man has been arrested for drinking in public. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Read on, my friends, but have your facepalms ready: Bikyamasr article

62 people were arrested in Indonesia (mostly youths, armed with machetes and swords and golf clubs and…) after a group of about 150 destroyed a bar for operating during Ramadan. Yes, really. Check out the Tribune article here.

Just wanted to remind everyone that while the Christians may be out bombing abortion clinics and clamoring for the execution of homosexuals, Islam is busy being a religion of peace.


One thought on “And in Recent Headlines…

  1. Seems ironic to hit the like button, but yeah, thanks for sharing that info.

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